Is your dream bathroom being a spa with the most lush of interiors? Look no further! Whether you want to upgrade your bathroom by installing a new bath or need a bathroom fitting in Hayes London Ocean Heating Plumbing & Bathroom Supplies is your first and foremost choice. While quality is our first order of the day or indeed manner of operations, we have a range of premium products that meet your individual demands, respectively.


Our company being the best option for you when looking to replace your bathroom, we offer the following services:

As a company that specializes in bathroom plumber & heaters London, we know that your bathroom is much more than just a space to wash your hands or take a shower. It is a statement of your style, personality, and decor. You should know that we always work in excess: we make sure that every corner of your shower and bathtub will bring you a full pleasure.

  1. Extensive Assistance:  Our service is comprised of guiding through every stage of the process, from the initial consultation all the way to the completion of the installation. Through our team of experts we make an absolute focus on defining your vision and then translate it to a masterpiece with high accuracy and care.
  2. Top-notch Products: It’s for us that top of the range is used whenever we respond to an installation project. We use all sorts of stylish fixtures and tiles and we work directly with credible suppliers in order to give our customers quality and usable yet attractive products.
  3. Personalized Solutions: A single day clarifies that no two bathrooms are alike, and exemplary solutions do not either. We offer a totally unique service where customer’s desires and preferences are absolutely important to us. Hence, we communicate with our customers to come up with an excellent services that fits their choice, as well as, whether it is contemporary, spa-like or traditional retreat.
  4. Impeccable Design: Sparkling with style and soul fresh custom options designed our team bathrooms are our set specialty for effortlessly combining style and functionality. We’re committed to revolutionizing alienation by not only giving up on space-saving layouts but also by giving an innovative storage solution.
  5. Expert Installation: Our professional technicians has the experience as well as access to the specialized tools that guarantee an exemplary installations. We are experts in handling all such facets according to our high professionalism and efficiency, that each step of the process is free of hassles and smooth.

Transform Your Bathroom Today!

Be content with neither average or okay. You should rather turn your bathroom into something very unordinary right in your house. Using your exiting building materials or those for a new project, London Ocean Heating Plumbing & Bathroom Supplies will assist in bringing your dreams into fruition.