With our premium products and superlative services that are unparalleled in the industry, welcome to London Ocean Heating & Bathroom Supplies outlet that will supply all the products you need and ensure elegant installation for your beautiful bathroom. We recognise the distress and haste that can surround sudden boiler failures, being why we at emergency boiler repair are available all from our emergency boiler repair at Hayes. Our professional crew and great products will assist you. You’ll be satisfied that we got your back in maintaining your boiler system.


Expert Emergency Boiler Repair Services;Expert Emergency Boiler Repair Services

Our goal is to make you feel at ease and ensured that you got in the right hands when getting on board with us. When it comes to emergencies, our crew of seasoned technicians look forward to handling emergency circumstances and do so with precision and dexterity. We can’t ignore the fact, whether it’s a minor glitch or major breakdown, that we stand next to you when you call us for an assistance for quick handling the situation and providing least disruption to your daily routine.

We know too well that at the time of crisis in a boiler system every second is crucial which is why we always work to offer immediate and useful resolutions. Our technical team will arrive fully armed to the battle of competent diagnosis and immediate comprehensive repairs, which will be carried out at the site by them, thus saving you invaluable time and money by getting your heating system to work again at once.


Quality Products and Reliable Solutions:

We are confident to say, as a leading vendor of plumbing and heating services in Hayes, that we agree to use the best quality products for our installations and repairing jobs. Now you can rely on us to got you a replacement part, or in the case of new heater installation, we will source our products from reliable manufacturers and thus guarantee durability and utility.


Along with us excellent expertise, what we value the most is the idea of putting quality above all and therefore we aim at more that just repairing. Chalk up maintenance services that are very to help you avoid breakdowns and your unit does not breakdown many times. During the prescribed visits, the boiler will be tuned up and it is guaranteed that its performance will be at its peak. Thus, you will have a perfect state of mind knowing that your device is operating at its optimal level.


Personalized Solutions for Every Need:

At London Ocean Heating, we are in the know that every household comes with its peculiarities, hence we have customized solutions to suit your particular tastes. Whether you are revamping your boiler or need a brand new heating system, we will be there with you right from the start till the end. Our architects will work with you to develop a perfect design that is both competitively priced and effective.

We are committed to open. and frank conversation and we will always charge you fair and clear prices so that you will know exactly what is happening at all time. We have not only received the problems happened but to give you practical solutions that will ensure the efficiency, and comfort of your house.



Besides the emergency repair service of boiler in Hayes, London, we you can depend on for all your services. We offer instant reaction, the top-quality products, and personalized solutions, in all those we try to exceed your expectations every time. If a boiler breakdown would mean being without heat – call us and leave it to our fast and reliable intervention. No matter how small your task is, even cleaning the smallest corner, we will devote our best care and attention, because your comfort and satisfaction are our number one priority.